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Startups have special needs. They tend to move faster than traditional industry and deal with more day-to-day priority shifting. That’s why we have a dedicated Startups team at Amii.

Our Startups team supports companies whose solution to their client’s problems is the technology they sell. To meet the needs of startup founders, the Startup team focuses on creating peer networks, just-in-time coaching, and reducing the delivery time through an accountability model.


ML Exploration Program

Our Startup accelerator

Get AI-ready in 5 weeks! This free online program is intended for startups that are interested in learning more about machine learning (ML) and how it can directly impact their business and drive business value for them.

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Level Up

Our CTO Coaching Program & Network

Learn how your startup can make better ML decisions faster! Level Up is a one-year, Amii-sponsored membership program and network. It is intended for startups that have ML as a core technological piece of their products and want to scale their ML capabilities.

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Be more with Amii

We’re primed to help you and your company adopt the latest AI and machine learning, so you can tap into a whole new level of potential and develop a clear, long-term strategy that works precisely for you and your goals.

But first let’s make sure our approach is the right fit for you -- click below to learn more about how Amii works with clients.


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Get involved in Alberta's growing AI ecosystem! Speaker, sponsorship, and letter of support requests welcome.

Explore training and advanced education

Curious about study options under one of our researchers? Want more information on training opportunities?

Harness the potential of artificial intelligence

Let us know about your goals and challenges for AI adoption in your business. Our Investments & Partnerships team will be in touch shortly!